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Money20/20: Galileo’s CEO and Pedro Domingos present the near-term threats of artificial intelligence

At Money20/20, Galileo’s CEO and founder Clay Wilkes and renowned AI author Pedro Domingos took the stage to discuss the real and near-term threats weaponized AI poses to our financial institutions. The session titled, “Real Stories from the AI Arms Race in Cybersecurity and Fraud” revealed that the financial services industry takes on the highest

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Galileo’s CEO and AI Author Pedro Domingos to Present on the Risk of Weaponized AI to Financial Institutions at Money20/20

On Monday, October 22, Clay Wilkes and AI expert Pedro Domingos will share the stage to educate about the opportunities and impending threats that AI brings to financial services SALT LAKE CITY (October 17, 2018) — Galileo Processing, Inc. (“Galileo”), the company behind the tech that powers dynamic financial services delivered by North America’s boldest

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Galileo Processing Partners with Sutton Bank

Top prepaid issuer has selected Galileo’s industry-leading payments processing platform SALT LAKE CITY (August 8, 2018) — Galileo, one of North America’s largest and most innovative payments processors and program managers, known for supporting debit, credit, prepaid, commercial and virtual cards linked to more than 87 million accounts, today announced that Sutton Bank has chosen

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VIDEO: Galileo’s CEO Takes A Deep Dive into its Open APIs and Sandbox

Today, more than ever, payments companies must provide nimble solutions that adapt to the ever-changing technology demands required to be innovative and stay in the game. Galileo’s founder and CEO, Clay Wilkes, discusses its open API platform and sandbox designed to deliver maximum flexibility and customization to fintechs and payments companies alike. They can be

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Wealth Management: Galileo Empowers Financial Advisors to Build a Moat Around Their Clients’ Assets

With more than $9.5 trillion in cash set aside by consumers and small businesses for daily and emergency expenses, cash may be the opportunity that financial advisors need to add value, retain clients and capture wallet share. The new Galileo Securities Solution allows investors to make transactions directly against invested securities and benefits consumers dissatisfied

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CIO Review: Galileo Addressing Tomorrow’s Payments Challenges Today

Galileo was founded nearly 20 years ago and has earned the trust of large financial institutions and fintech startups as an industry leader in technology, fraud detection offerings, security, decision-making analytics and regulatory compliance functionality. Galileo’s highly innovative culture combined with its unique platform architectures enables unprecedented flexibility and customization for its customers. Galileo’s CEO,

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Galileo Recognized as One of the Most Promising Payment Providers in 2018

Galileo Processing’s industry-leading offerings have landed it on CIO Review’s list of 20 Most Promising Payment and Card Solutions Providers in 2018. CIO Review recognizes Galileo as a top payment and card solution provider based on its technology platform, fraud detection offerings, security, decision-making analytics and regulatory compliance functionality. By offering its customers innovation without

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Galileo Launches the Galileo Securities Solution

Investment Firms Can Attract Incremental Assets Under Management with Consumer Accounts that Combine the Growth Potential of Investing with the Convenience of Everyday Payments SALT LAKE CITY (May 09, 2018) Galileo—one of North America’s most innovative payments companies, known for providing the underlying technology to many leading fintech firms and supporting debit, credit, prepaid, commercial and

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Galileo Launches Global Cryptocurrency API Solution

First-of-its-kind cryptocurrency API enables real-time funds transfers at point of sale SALT LAKE CITY (April 11, 2018) — Galileo, one of the largest and most innovative payments processors and program managers in North America for prepaid, debit, credit and virtual transaction processing, today announced the launch of the Galileo Cryptocurrency API to bridge the gap between cryptocurrencies and

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