Example Request

curl -v https://sandbox.gpsrv.com/intserv/4.0/createPayment \
-d 'apiLogin=Kt4cKa-0001' \
-d 'apiTransKey=HRtWrZX5dC' \
-d 'providerId=710' \
-d 'transactionId=75903-63025-AdEE5-443' \
-d 'accountNo=074103447228' \
-d 'amount=25.50' \
-d 'type=RL' \

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  • "Galileo's robust API suite provided our team of developers with access to key functionality. Varo's innovative product offering and entry into the market was accelerated, largely because the integration with Galileo was very efficient."

    -Colin Walsh, CEO and co-founder Varo

  • "Galileo has all the right solutions to support our creativity. We've worked with other processors, but no one else has provided the tools and support to enable the types of innovative features we've needed for our customers."

    -Michael Rejbeni, VP of Payment Strategies at Curo

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