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Direct integration to the “Pays:” Galileo does that!

Galileo’s API-based enterprise payments platform offers direct integration to the most wanted mobile services. This means you can give your customers the most advanced mobile capabilities available anywhere. And, you can do it now! If you’ve got a need in fintech or payments, you need to know that Galileo does that! Learn more about Galileo

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Financial Advisor Magazine: Carson Group to Offer Galileo Money+ Mobile Banking Solution

Financial Advisor Magazine, a leading publication for financial advisors and registered investment advisors, recently published an article about the launch of Galileo Money+, featuring Galileo’s founder and CEO Clay Wilkes. Available exclusively through financial advisors, Galileo Money+ is a high-interest, FDIC-insured mobile banking solution that empowers financial advisors to compete for the $10 trillion in

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Case Studies


Varo Money, launched in 2017, is out to change the world of banking with its mobile banking app and fee-free financial services. The concept is attracting customers—mostly, but not exclusively millennials—from every part of the U.S. And, Varo has its eye set on serving millions as it looks towards expanding its reach beyond U.S. borders.

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Interactive Brokers

Interactive Brokers is all about making it fast and easy for its clients to borrow, earn, spend and invest from a single account that combines higher revenues with lower costs than other broker-dealers.

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White Papers

Payments Card Fraud: Death by a Thousand Cuts

Although all participants in the payments card value chain are adversely affected by card fraud, issuers—which absorb 70.7 percent of gross global fraud losses—are particularly hard hit. Not only do card fraud losses take a dollar-fordollar toll on bottom line profitability, card fraud blights the customer experience—undermining consumers’ trust and collectively costing issuers millions annually

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