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Galileo Card Production Link

Galileo Card Production Link Our connections ensure you can use the card provider that fits your needs perfectly. Plastic cards are a critical element in many debit, credit and prepaid programs. Not only do they link your customers to your programs, they’re the little piece of your business that your customers carry with them. But

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Galileo Mobile Technologies

Mobile is the defining delivery channel of our time and achieving its full potential—to improve lives and drive commerce—lies just ahead. At Galileo, we’re all-in on the potential of mobile, and we’re focused on bringing those opportunities to life with Galileo Mobile Technologies. Galileo Mobile Technologies isn’t a single solution but a framework to harness

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Galileo Roundup Funding

Galileo Roundup Funding Everyone wants to save or invest more, but making it happen is a bore—so it’s easy to put it off for another day. Galileo Roundup Funding takes the procrastination out of saving or investing more by automatically rounding up purchases to the next dollar each time your customers make a debit, credit

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Galileo Security

Galileo Security At Galileo, security is a team effort and a team responsibility, because nothing is more important than protecting your data. We’ve made a heavy investment in a layered approach to security, creating defenses that go beyond industry standards. And, we keep investing, because security is a constantly evolving journey. As that journey evolves,

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Galileo Artificial Intelligence

Galileo Artificial Intelligence Galileo is harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to identify and block fraudulent transactions that decrease the profitability and tarnish the reputation of our clients’ fintech and payments programs. Developed in-house by our resident team of data scientists, Galileo Fraud Protection with AI is fintech’s most accurate fraud-focused artificial intelligence application. It

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Galileo Advanced Analytics

Galileo Advanced Analytics Galileo Advanced Analytics transform your data into actionable business intelligence—with you in complete control. With web-based access to our full data warehouse, you can generate unlimited custom reports from your enterprise or customer-generated activity in just seconds. Or, for routine needs, choose from our nearly 400 predesigned reports.    Your data is available

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Galileo Disputes and Chargebacks

Galileo Disputes and Chargebacks For Galileo, disputes and chargebacks are an ongoing strategic initiative because we understand the challenges you face to develop and maintain the in-house expertise, procedures and tools to handle these important and time-sensitive functions. A key part of our strategic initiative is being the best in the industry at handling disputes

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Galileo Fraud Protection

Galileo Fraud Protection Galileo Fraud Protection defends your fintech and payments programs from card-present and card-not-present fraud by combining reactive and proactive tools to stamp out payments fraud and drive your success. Galileo clients using Fraud Protection experience fraud losses of approximately one basis point, on average. That’s 80 percent lower than the industry average,

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Galileo Regulatory and Compliance

Galileo Regulatory and Compliance Regulatory compliance is the obligation of our clients and partners. And, it’s a big job. That’s why it’s important to have a trusted partner to assist you in meeting your regulatory compliance obligations. Galileo takes compliance with laws and regulations and the requirements of payments network and sponsoring bank requirements seriously,

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Galileo Third-Party and API Integration

Galileo Third-Party and API Integration Galileo Third-Party and API Integration offers you endless opportunities to connect and do business with almost any service provider anywhere without building or maintaining separate links or gateways. Once you connect to the Galileo Platform, you can access the endpoints to which we connect directly and those that connect to

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