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Galileo Asset Management Solution

Galileo Asset Management Solution The Galileo Asset Management Solution combines a cash management suite with wealth accumulation and decumulation functionality, creating a market differentiator that asset managers use to expand and deepen relationships with their financial advisor and recordkeeper clients. With the Galileo Asset Management Solution, you empower your financial advisor and recordkeeper clients to

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Galileo Wealth Management Solution

Galileo Wealth Management Solution The Galileo Wealth Management Solution combines a cash management suite with wealth accumulation and decumulation functionality, creating a market differentiator that financial advisors use to win new assets and attract new customers. Offer customers at any stage of life a complete financial solution that eliminates their need to work with multiple

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Galileo Prepaid Solution

Galileo Prepaid Solution Power prepaid card success in any vertical market with the Galileo Prepaid Solution. From GPR and payroll to healthcare and rebate/loyalty applications, Galileo delivers the experience, technology and comprehensive program management support so you can create innovative, targeted prepaid programs that empower your consumer and corporate customers. Prepaid for every vertical and

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Galileo Credit Solution

Galileo Credit Solution Make a fast, sure-footed entry into consumer or commercial credit to extend your brand and engage new markets. With our legendary flexibility and comprehensive back-office payments support, you can build the exact credit programs you want and control the full customer experience—with the confidence that Galileo has your back. Credit made simple.

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Galileo Debit Solution

Galileo Debit Solution Take your debit program beyond the ordinary, turning your debit card into a marketing asset that differentiates you in today’s competitive financial services marketplace. Differentiation is important, because for many customers the debit card is the foundation of their relationship with you. It’s the piece of you they carry with them and

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Galileo Securities Solution

Galileo Securities Solution The Galileo Securities Solution powers an entirely new financial category–an everyday product that combines investment returns with complete liquidity and bank-like features. This new product category isn’t just another spin on debit cards that access invested funds. It merges the worlds of investing and payments to enable a full-fledged, bank-like structure with

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Galileo Cryptocurrency Solution

Galileo Cryptocurrency Solution With the Galileo Cryptocurrency Solution, you’re taking the first step to bridging the gap between today’s payments world and the cryptocurrency world of tomorrow. You can be at the forefront of meeting the needs of customers interested in cryptocurrencies and build a knowledge base to help you shape future generations of cryptocurrency

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Galileo Virtual Card Solution

Galileo Virtual Card Solution Unlock previously unimaginable opportunities for your commercial and consumer customers with the Galileo Virtual Card Solution. When even fast isn’t fast enough, use the Galileo Virtual Card Solution to instantly generate a “virtual” card—a randomly generated number, also known as a token, that’s formatted for processing through payments networks, like Mastercard

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Galileo Program Management Solution

Galileo Program Management Solution The Galileo Program Management Solution ensures you’ll operate your fintech or payments program with confidence—whether you’re just launching or want to offload the hassle of a fintech/payments back office. If you’re new to fintech or payments, Galileo Program Management can help you get up and running fast, avoiding pitfalls that cost

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