Build financial products for investing and transacting

Galileo Securities Solution enables investment firms to create bank-like products that draw on securities as a digital currency, and become your customers primary way to transact and live their financial lives, including debit or credit card, direct deposit, bill-payment, person-to-person payments and other bank-like services.

Full-service account management from the industry’s leading provider

In addition to Galileo’s industry leading payments capabilities, Galileo Securities Solution API enables:

  • Creating individual securities accounts
  • Managing investor suitability
  • Satisfying KYC requirements
  • Tracking customers’ positions in securities in real time, including end-of-day and intraday trading, and fixed and floating NAV
  • Handling trades and funds movement through an omnibus funds flow
  • Managing confirmations, dividends and interest
  • Managing statements and reporting
  • Account creation and management, including authorizations and settlement, regulatory and compliance, analytics, customer service, fraud chargebacks and more

Convert savers into investors. Compete for trillions of dollars consumers and small businesses have set aside in savings and deposits, and offer your customers higher yields, along with immediate access to their invested funds.

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